Amish Friendship Bread Starter

Most people I have met have a love-hate relationship with Amish friendship bread starter. You may be one of those kefir grains.

Let me explain.

You are here reading this article for probably one of two reasons:

– You were handed some friendship bread starter and you have followed the directions given to you to the letter.
– You did make a successful batch of the bread and you loved it.

What you do not love is the amount of Amish friendship bread starter that remains.

It does not take a rocket scientist or a Ph. D. in math to realize that:

1) You are going to be over run by this starter and/or
2) you do not have enough friends to possible pawn this starter on. If you do, you know they will not remain friends long.

So how does one enjoy this sweet bread without having to deal with “day 1 mush the bag”….”day 9 mush the bag.”

You want to make some of this Amish friendship bread but you lack some starter.

No problem, I want to help.

Know that yes, you can enjoy friendship bread without having to makes mounds of the starter. I have developed an easier way to deal with the starter and make wonderful variations.

So yes, there is hope. An Amish friendship bread starter is just a sourdough starter and the rules for sourdough bread can be applied to an Amish starter as well.

If you want a newer, easier way to deal with your Amish bread starter, here is what you can do:

Stop feeding it 1 cup of milk, sugar and flour at a time. You can feed it a minimum of 1 TB at a time instead.

A sourdough starter must be fed every few days or kept in the fridge. If you choose to keep it in the fridge, you will need to feed it once a week 1/4 cup of milk, sugar and flour.

You will also need to bring it back to room temperature in order to use it.

– If you have too much starter, know it can be frozen for later use.
– If your starter smell like beer and is bubbly, it is active and good. If on the other hand it smells funny or you are ensure…throw it away.

Do not give up on this wonderful, sweet, moist bread just because the Amish friendship bread starter is giving you fits. There is a better way!

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